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Please pre-register for all classes.

Each class requires a minimum amount of participants or it will be rescheduled. If this occurs, we will contact you. You can register by calling Dream Angels at 561-745-9355, stop by the shop, or send us an email at For now, all classes will be at our Tequesta location.

The Spiritual Life School & Community

Quarterly Meeting

April 12th, 7pm.

This meeting is for members of our Spiritual Life School. Prerequisites are completion of Spiritual Life Series 1 and Series 2, and online membership of Life In Sight. The next session for Spiritual Life Series 1 begins in May. See description lower on this page.


Palm Reading 101

April 19th,  7pm – 9pm.  $25 

Learn the ancient secrets of Palm Reading. Discover how your life path, future, and past are all contained in the lines of your hands (and it shows your personality, too!). Caterina efficiently explains how to easily read the palm of your hand to unlock the mysteries of your life!  You will leave with the basic knowledge of how to read your palm and what your lines mean to you. Don't miss this opportunity!  You can register by calling Dream Angels at 561-745-9355, stop by the shop, or send us an email at You can also register and prepay online here:

British Style Evidential Mediumship -

How does that fit in my everyday life? 

Saturday, April 22nd

12:30pm - 4:30pm   $99

British Style Evidential Mediumship is valued throughout the world as the “Gold Standard” of Mediumship.  This workshop is designed to help you develop a clearer understanding of what it means to receive information using either Psychic or Mediumship skills.  There is a difference - and also a difference in the use of these skills in your everyday world or your professional world. Join Marilyn Jenquin as she explains in her logical, practical manner, this style of Mediumship, and how you can develop it for either your professional career or your everyday use. This workshop will include hands-on actual class exercises to develop your Mediumship abilities.  No previous experience necessary. This workshop is for suitable for all levels. Find out more at: www.ifsk.orgYou can register by calling Dream Angels at 561-745-9355, stop by the shop, or send us an email at You can also register and prepay online here:


Tarot Workshop

Thursday, April 20th ,  7pm - 9pm 

$20 in Advance, $25 at the door. 

Open to all levels, whether you have never opened a tarot deck before, or if you are experienced, this class is for you!!! This class is very easy to follow, informative, and interactive. Learn new things and practice them that night in class. Taught by expert Mary Ellen Collins. Learn and practice!  You can register by calling Dream Angels at 561-745-9355, stop by the shop, or send us an email at You can also register and prepay online here:


Attuning to Your Most Powerful Self

Tuesday, April 25th

6:30pm – 9pm.   $59 
Do you question your Self-Worth?  Do you get lost in your negative thoughts or stuck in harmful patterns?  Do you compare yourself to others?  Do you fear letting others close?  Do you feel incapable  of change?  If any of these resonate with you, please join us for this 2 ½ hour intensive workshop. Together we will begin to uncover the patterns that are holding you back from living life with a sense of confidence and personal power. You will leave with a better sense of self-worth, and take with you some tangible tools to begin to redirect your limiting beliefs and patterns. Taught by Jillian Arena.  You can register by calling Dream Angels at 561-745-9355, stop by the shop, or send us an email at You can also register and prepay online here:



Friday, April 28th, 2017

5pm - 9pm

This is a "Preferred Readers" fair - only the top readers in the area! All readings $25 for 15 minutes. Aura Photos are $35. First come, first serve - no reservations. You can call the shop on the Saturday before and put your name on the waitlist, you must be present when your name is called. We have Psychics, Tarot Readers, Angel Card Readers, Mediums, and More. Also, the owner of Dream Angels, Angela Boswell will be providing readings $35 for 15 mins. Get there early, we stay busy!



4-week Tarot Intensive with

Christiana Gaudet

Starting May 11th, 2017

$75 for all 4 classes or $20 per class


In this four-week class, you will take your tarot knowledge and practice to the next level.  Topics include card interpretation, spreads, reading techniques and psychic development. Students will have plenty of opportunity for hands-on practice. Tarot Grandmaster Christiana Gaudet, a tarot professional with 25 years of full-time experience, will be your instructor. Students should have some basic familiarity with the 78 cards of tarot. Bring a fully-illustrated tarot deck, or purchase one at the shop.


Week One: Twenty-Two Cards and Four Elements.  May 11th.

Students will learn the deeper spiritual messages of each of the Major Arcana cards, as well as tips for interpreting the cards in a practical tarot reading. The nature and importance of the Four Elements will be a primary topic, including the elemental associations for each of the Major Arcana cards.


Week Two: Ten Numbers, Four Elements.   May 18th

Students will learn the forty cards of the Minor Arcana from the perspective of numerology and the Fourth Elements. A strong focus will be the lessons and stories inherent in the four suits, and the ways the cards work together to tell their stories.


Week Three: Psychic Development and Practical Interpretations.  May 25th

We will explore the ways the cards help us access our psychic awareness, and ways to tap into that insight more effectively. We’ll also learn some advanced tarot interpretation techniques, including the Court Cards, dignities and reversals.


Week Four: Spreads, Techniques and Delivery.  June 1st

How do the tarot cards actually speak to us? In this class we will learn spreads and other tarot divination styles, along with techniques for delivering helpful readings for others, and finding insight for oneself.

You can register by calling Dream Angels at 561-745-9355, stop by the shop, or send us an email at You can also register and prepay online here:




The Spiritual Life Series 1

with Angela Boswell

Wednesdays - 5 weeks

Starts May 10th

7pm - 9:30pm    $199

The Spiritual Life Series is a set of two courses that are 5 weeks each. These courses are for anyone who has stepped onto their Spiritual Path, or wants to learn more about their spirituality. The classes are progressive, and must be attended in order, and can be attended remotely. Weekly homework required. Taught by Angela Boswell, the owner of Dream Angels.

The Spiritual Life Series 1
Wednesdays, starting May 10th, 7:00pm – 9:30pm at Dream Angels.

Week 1: Spirituality and Awakening
Learn the basics of spirituality, what it means to “be spiritual” and understand the awakening process. Identify where you are in your own awakening and set your intentions of what you would like to learn.


Week 2: Psychic vs Spiritual
Learn the difference between being psychic and practicing spirituality, and where you are on the spectrum. Understand how some people are psychic but not spiritual, and others are the opposite. Identify your psychic gifts.

Week 3: Connection and Protection
Learn how to connect with your guides and techniques to protect yourself using visualization, oils, and calling for angel assistance. Identify the easiest methods to connect with your guides.

Week 4: Spiritual Tools
Learn the different tools of divination and receiving guidance – tarot, angel cards, pendulums, candles, herbs, automatic writing, receiving signs, and more. Identify the tools that work best for you.

Week 5: Stepping into Daily Practices
Learn how to bring your spiritual practices to enhance everyday life. Explore ways to attract peace and understanding. Identify daily rituals and reactions to bring light to everyday situations.

Course Fee: $199. 00. Limited class size, register soon.
5 weeks of classes – only $40 each!
Start your spiritual development now! To reserve your seat call 561-745-9355, or email: Or register online here:
Spiritual Life Series.

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