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(We are located in Tequesta, right behind CVS and Park Avenue BBQ, on the south side of Bridge Road, across from Paradise Park!





Please pre-register for all classes.

Each class requires a minimum amount of participants or it will be rescheduled. If this occurs, we will contact you. You can register by calling Dream Angels at 561-745-9355, stop by the shop, or send us an email at For now, all classes will be at our Tequesta location.

The Spiritual Life School & Community

Monthly Meeting

June 12th, 7pm.

This meeting is for members of our Spiritual Life School. Prerequisites are completion of Spiritual Life Series 1 and Series 2, and online membership of Life In Sight. The next session for Spiritual Life Series 1 begins May 10th. See description lower on this page.



Thursday, June 15th, 7pm-9pm.

Join us for this fun and informative workshop and make a date with your angels!
Everyone loves the beautiful cards created by best-selling authors such as Doreen Virtue and they are certainly easy to use. In this class you will not only discover new ways to use them but you will learn about the angelic kingdom and the corresponding energies of each angel which will allow you to use your Angel Card deck more effectively as a tool for better living and spiritual growth. We will use the cards to create affirmations and as part of a healing meditation, and we will build effective angel card spreads designed to help answer questions about all of the areas in your life.
This class will be presented by cartomancer and tarot reader/teacher Mary Ellen Collins. Mary Ellen has been reading and teaching about tarot and other forms of divination in Palm Beach County for almost ten years. Her classes are informative and fun and they often fill up to capacity, so sign up today! Please call Dream Angels Spiritual Shop at 561-745-9355 for more information and to book your spot.  Cost is $20. You can also register at:




Tuesday, June 20th, 7pm-9pm

Free Event

Did you know that toxic environments lower your soul’s vibration and make it harder to meditate? In addition to saging and using crystals, chemicals need to be eliminated, too. Chemicals negatively affect us spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically - aggravating autoimmune diseases, allergies, asthma, and many other common ailments. Dream Angels has teamed up with a national company to offer non-toxic home products. Offerings include products for cleaning, pain relief, fitness and weight loss, bath and beauty, essential oils, supplements, snacks, pet treats, and more. These products can be purchased at a fraction of what you would spend at Whole Foods or other retailers. We don’t have the space to stock all of these American made items, so we’re offering a way for you to order wholesale and ship directly to your home. It’s a win-win for everyone! Come to our celebration and receive a free gift! Limited seating, reserve your spot today, and raise the vibration of your home! Please call Dream Angels Spiritual Shop at 561-745-9355 for more information and to book your spot.  You can also register at:  Please register for this free event, so you can receive your free gift!




Thursday, June 22nd

7pm - 8:30pm


The Mind controls the Body, and the Emotions control the Mind. Heal the Mind.....heal the Body! Direct from Nature, Bach Flower Remedies stimulate your body’s God-given, innate ability to heal itself on a Mental, Emotional and Spiritual level, which in turn affect your physical well-being. In this class you will experience firsthand the mind-body connection and discover how Bach Flower Remedies work on that level to help you rid the body from acute and chronic ailments such as *Anxiety *Sleeplessness *ADHD *PTSD *Depression*Panic Attacks *Lack of Focus *Grief/Loss *Ease of Transitions *Stressed Relationships and so much more. These “medicines” do not affect any prescriptions that you are currently taking and are suitable for adults, pregnant women, infants and even our beloved animals! Bring your sense of humor and prepare to take a few notes, during this interactive session. Special promotions will be available the night of the class. Cost is $20.  Call the shop for more information or to register: 561-745-9355. You can also register at:



Friday, June 23rd

5pm - 9pm

This is a "Preferred Readers" fair - only the top readers in the area! All readings $25 for 15 minutes. Aura Photos are $35. First come, first serve - no reservations. You can call the shop on the Saturday before and put your name on the waitlist, you must be present when your name is called. We have Psychics, Tarot Readers, Angel Card Readers, Mediums, and More. Get there early, we stay busy!




Tuesday, June 27th

7pm - 9pm     $25

Do you ever feel like no matter how hard you try, you still get pulled down into negative thoughts and you make decisions that aren't good for you?   Do you find that the people around you all seem to focus on what is going wrong and not what is working?  Do you yearn to live a happier, lighter, easier life, with people who lift you up and not drag you down?

This class will help you to do all of these things to make your life more enjoyable and more positive. You will learn steps on how to eliminate the people and things from your life that are taking your joy, and you will empower yourself to move forward lighter and brighter.  Increase your home’s vibration by eliminating clutter and donate the things you don’t need, learn to lovingly let go of people who drain your energy.

On this night, Catarina will explain the exact plan you need to release toxic people and things from your life that no longer serve your highest benefit – creating space for

joy and happiness!  To register, call the shop at 561-745-9355. You can also register at:



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