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(We are located in Tequesta, right behind CVS and Park Avenue BBQ, on the south side of Bridge Road, across from Paradise Park!





Please pre-register for all classes.

Each class requires a minimum amount of participants or it will be rescheduled. If this occurs, we will contact you. You can register by calling Dream Angels at 561-745-9355, stop by the shop, or send us an email at For now, all classes will be at our Tequesta location.

Every Wednesday 9am - 10am   This class is designed for the overworked, overtired, under-appreciated people out there who really need to take some time for self-healing, relaxation, and health! Pamela combines meditation, pranayama and asana intending to open the body, allowing energy to flow and for the body to heal itself as it is so beautifully designed to do. Pamela cultivates an inner awareness throughout the practice facilitating the mind/body/breath connection. She welcomes all levels of practitioners to join her on a journey inward. Please bring a yoga mat. Introduction rate: $12 per class or 3 classes for $30.

Past Life Regression

Thursday, May 12th

7pm - 9pm 

Do you have an unexplained fear of drowning, flying or heights? Do you feel too uncomfortable wearing tight clothing around your neck? Do you have a longing to visit a place that you have never been to in this lifetime? Maybe you have a birthmark that looks like a scar and have always wondered about why it is there. Going through a past life regression session that is set with an intention can be a way to get some of these questions answered. It can act as a healing technique to reduce or remove a fear or anxiety about certain issues. To receive the greatest benefit from this session come with an open mind, wear comfortable clothing and be on time.

This session will be guided by Medium, Michele Robin. Cost is $35 or $30 if paid before May 12th.


Walking in Light: 
Everyday Empowerment of a Shamanic Life

Tuesday, May 17th
7pm - 9pm

Shamanism is a path of the heart. This class is for those seeking ways to live a life filled with harmony, and good health, and returning balance and peace back to our lives and to the planet.  You will learn how to center yourself in the midst of change, and to be able to stay focused and filled with hope, no matter what is going on in the outer world. Each session will explore different topics and will include healing circles and ceremonies.  Participants may journey with a drum and rattle, or enjoy the class as a series of guided meditations. Cost: $20. You can register by calling Dream Angels at 561-745-9355, stop by the shop, or send us an email at

Tarot Workshop

Thursday, May 19th (last class until the end of summer)

7pm - 9pm  $20 in Advance, $25 at the door

Open to all levels, whether you have never opened a tarot deck before, or if you are experienced, this class is for you!!! This class is very easy to follow, informative, and interactive. Learn new things and practice them that night in class. Taught by expert Mary Ellen Collins. Learn and practice! You can register by calling Dream Angels at 561-745-9355, stop by the shop, or send us an email at


Dream Circle and Class

Friday, May 20th

7pm - 9pm 

Come join us as we explore the magic of our Dreams and the Dreamworld! An intro workshop that will teach you how to access a deeper dimension. This class includes a deep meditation and discussion of how to dream better, how to work with your dreams, and how to set dream intentions. Taught by Susan Morgan, from Salem, MA. Cost is $20.You can register by calling Dream Angels at 561-745-9355, stop by the shop, or send us an email at


The Spiritual Life Series 1

5 week class, starting Wednesdays in May

7pm - 9:30pm

The Spiritual Life Series is a set of three courses that are 5 weeks each. These courses are for anyone who has stepped onto their Spiritual Path, or wants to learn more about their spiriutality. The classes are progressive, and must be attended in order. A workbook with required weekly homework is included. Taught by Angela Boswell, owner of Dream Angels.  Fee is $199 per series. For more details, click here: ANGELA BOSWELL


The Spiritual Life Series 1


Week 1:  Spirituality and Awakening


Week 2:  Psychic vs Spiritual


Week 3:  Connection and Protection


Week 4:   Spiritual Tools


Week 5 Stepping into Daily Practices


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