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Please pre-register for all classes.

Each class requires a minimum amount of participants or it will be rescheduled. If this occurs, we will contact you. You can register by calling Dream Angels at 561-745-9355, stop by the shop, or send us an email at For now, all classes will be at our Tequesta location.



Open Gallery
Tuesday, February 7th - CLOSED.

7pm - 9pm

Attend this open gallery reading from Janine, one of our very gifted mediums! Everyone will receive at least one message from a loved one this evening! If you attended her sold-out classes on Meet Your Spirit Guides, you'll love this class, too! Reservations Required. This event is limited to 20 people, reservations only. To reserve your seat call Dream Angels 561-745-9355, or register here:



Tarot Workshop

Thursday, February 16th

7pm - 9pm  $20 in Advance, $25 at the door

Open to all levels, whether you have never opened a tarot deck before, or if you are experienced, this class is for you!!! This class is very easy to follow, informative, and interactive. Learn new things and practice them that night in class. Taught by expert Mary Ellen Collins. Learn and practice! You can register by calling Dream Angels at 561-745-9355, stop by the shop, or send us an email at You can also register and prepay online here:


Astrology Readings


12pm - 6pm

$150 each, includes astrology chart and a reading.

Provided by Hattie Parker. To set up an appointment and get your chart, call Dream Angels before February 15th and make an appointment for Saturday the 18th to get your reading. 561-745-9355.



Tuesday, February 21st, 2017

7pm - 9pm            $20

We live by the sun and feel by the moon. Learn to understand the phases of the moon, and how its energy affects us on a daily basis. Discover the best times to start a project, or when to put it off a week or more. The moon is the closest astronomical body to the earth and has profound influential energy, explore how to work with this energy. Join this study of the moon and know how to charge your crystals, set your intentions, and much more – actually plan your life by the phases of the moon!

Taught by Carolyn Marquis.



Thursday, February 23rd, 2017

7pm - 9pm           

$20 in advance / $25 at the door

Everyone loves beautiful crystals and many of us have quite a collection of them, but what can we really do with all those pretty stones besides use them for decorations?  Join metaphysician and divination expert Mary Ellen Collins for this unique workshop about how to use crystals in a variety of ways for life improvement.  Learn the properties of crystals, handle and care of crystals, using them for meditation and divination, and practical day-to-day uses to attract and sustain success, love, health, and happiness in your life.




5pm - 9pm


Talented and reliable readers, the best in the area. Also, "full body" aura photos and a reading for $35.

Call the day before to get on the waitlist. 561-745-9355.


A Beginner's Course

Tuesday, February 28th, 2017

6:30pm - 9pm         $25

Whether the idea of the Chakra system is brand new to you, or you are simply looking to learn more on the subject, this fun and interesting workshop is a great place to start.  Together we will explore the 7 main energy centers in the body and learn how they correlate to how we experience this human journey.  You will learn how imbalances in each of these areas may show up in your life (through emotions, physical symptoms and behavior), and what these energy centers potentially hold for you when nurtured and balanced.  You will leave with greater knowledge of this delicate system within each of us, as well as with tangible tools to bring harmony back into your own individual Chakras.  Class will be led by Jillian Arena, Empowerment Coach, Yoga Teacher and Chakra Enthusiast.   



The Zodiac in Love

Tuesday, March 14th, 2017

7pm - 9pm         $25

Ever wonder what your true match is of the Zodiac? Maybe you keep dating an Aquarius and wonder why you always feel a little distant, or perhaps that Leo lover is bigger than life? Want to know how to catch the attention of a Scorpio, or how to relate better to your Gemini mate? Are you a star-crossed lover Earth sign, and your lover is Water? Learn how to have a better love life and smoother relationships based on the signs of the Zodiac. This is a fun, basic class, not specific to individual astrological charts, but enough information to help you improve your existing relationship or assist you in attracting the love of your dreams. Taught by Carolyn Marquis.




Friday, March 10th through

Sunday, March 12th

Enhance your conscious contact with Source for growth and development.

The purpose of this class is to give participants the opportunity to consciously contact Source and directly exerience the energy of the Akashic Records by means of a Sacred Prayer.  We will work individually with the art of asking questions and translating the information received.  Most importantly, we will become attuned to the essence of this powerful vehicle of light and love.  The intention of this class is to learn to read for others which deepens your own practice of gathering your own information from the psychic realm.

This workshop is taught by Darlis Mayes, MS, Akashick Record Consultant and Teacher.  Darlis has been employing the Sacred Prayer to work in the Askashic Records and assisting others for the past 10 years.  It is our birthright to have direct access to our own Higher Wisdom and Spiritual Authority that is directing our lives.  Her mission is to awaken others to that Truth. A personal reading with Darlis is required before this class. No alcohol or drugs 72 hours prior to the class.

Schedule: 6:30p - 8:30pm, Friday, March 10th.

10am - 4pm on Saturday and Sunday, March 11th and 12th.

Cost: $399.00

Contact Dream Angels at 561-745-9355 for registration, or email:

The Spiritual Life Series 1

with Angela Boswell

Wednesdays - 5 weeks

Next Session in May

7pm - 9:30pm    $199

The Spiritual Life Series is a set of two courses that are 5 weeks each. These courses are for anyone who has stepped onto their Spiritual Path, or wants to learn more about their spirituality. The classes are progressive, and must be attended in order, and can be attended remotely. Weekly homework required. Taught by Angela Boswell, the owner of Dream Angels.

The Spiritual Life Series 1
Wednesdays, starting January 18th, 7:00pm – 9:30pm at Dream Angels.

Week 1: Spirituality and Awakening
Learn the basics of spirituality, what it means to “be spiritual” and understand the awakening process. Identify where you are in your own awakening and set your intentions of what you would like to learn.


Week 2: Psychic vs Spiritual
Learn the difference between being psychic and practicing spirituality, and where you are on the spectrum. Understand how some people are psychic but not spiritual, and others are the opposite. Identify your psychic gifts.

Week 3: Connection and Protection
Learn how to connect with your guides and techniques to protect yourself using visualization, oils, and calling for angel assistance. Identify the easiest methods to connect with your guides.

Week 4: Spiritual Tools
Learn the different tools of divination and receiving guidance – tarot, angel cards, pendulums, candles, herbs, automatic writing, receiving signs, and more. Identify the tools that work best for you.

Week 5: Stepping into Daily Practices
Learn how to bring your spiritual practices to enhance everyday life. Explore ways to attract peace and understanding. Identify daily rituals and reactions to bring light to everyday situations.

Course Fee: $199. 00. Limited class size, register soon.
5 weeks of classes – only $40 each!
Start your spiritual development now! To reserve your seat call 561-745-9355, or email: Or register online here: DREAM ANGELS ONLINE SHOP


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