In 2016, Dream Angels is changed our Psychic Fairs. Instead of choosing from a large selection of unfamliar readers, our customers can now choose from the TOP TEN READERS from our fairs! These are the "Preferred Readers" of Dream Angels - ensuring that you get the best reading - every time!



We do not have fairs during the summer months. Check back here to see our upcoming schedule.




Below is our listing of regular readers who are part of these fairs, however, each fair is different and may have other readers:

We have "Full Body" Aura Readings at this fair! A photo and a reading is only $35.


Biopulsar Aura Imaging

Hattie Parker, MS EdAstrologer, Numerologist Card and Biopulsar Aura Imaging Reader.

Your aura is an invisible energy field that surrounds you.  It is generated by the frequencies of your body, mind, and spirit. Aura Imaging allows YOU to literally see and learn about and from this, your otherwise,most likely invisible to you, aura. The insights gained from an aura imaging session will enable you to see and then become aware of energetic strengths as well as learn if you have energy blocks and/or leaks (current or from your past) that are hampering your overall well being.  In an aura imaging session you see a moving image of your aura, you receive a printed image of your aura, and are offered advice on how to build on personal strengths to overcome energetic weakness. Hattie is the only Intuitive Consultant in South Florida offering intuitive insight readings using this profoundly precise and helpful Biopulsar  System of Aura imaging.  She has been using this system to enhance the self- awareness, knowledge and well-being for over 10 years.



Tarot Reader, Medium, and Runes
Carolyn Marquis is a 5th generation intuitive who's gift was discovered at a very early age. Carolyn is an Angel Healer Practitioner, Medium, and has been ordained by The Sanctuary of the Beloved (teachings of Melchizedek) as a High Priestess. Carolyn possesses a medical background and works with the Mystical and Magical properties of Herbs and Nature, and the Lore and Intention they bring! Carolyn can guide you in Love, Career, and Spirituality, or any issues you may have that are holding you back! You can also receive a message from a departed loved one, or know the meaning of your dreams.  A Florida resident now, who grew up in the Northeast and Sedona Arizona, Carolyn has worked with many modalities. Through her gift of using Tarot Cards, Your Most Important Question Will Be Answered! Cash only.

(Carolyn will not be at our March 2017 fair).

Star (Countess Starella)
Medium, Angel Reader, Healer
Countess Starella is the flamboyant clairvoyant - a magical mystical  Queen of the elementals, her bold presentation and regalia will capture you with laughter and fantasy. Hear profound messages wrapped up in mirth from one of the psychic world's most colorful characters. This is a benevolent soul walking the path of a master.  Through extensive study and world travels, Starella has created a system to bring forth the most favorable atmosphere in which you may achieve and manifest your dreams. Her simple, easy to implement techniques have enriched the lives of over 175,000 clients worldwide. By practicing her own methods she has managed to live an exemplary life with no doctors, enough energy to work 20 hours a day 7 days a week for 22 years, and a joyful positive demeanor unequalled. Learn how to claim your greatest power, self-love and true destiny. Cash and credit cards accepted.


Medium, Tarot Reader, Pet Reader
Janine Patterson is a natural born psychic-medium.  A Pennsylvania native, a Florida resident since 1998.  She offers insightful, accurate and professional world wide readings since 2000, and runs an online group of 2500 intuitive people. 
With use of tarot cards, photos, objects. and great third eye, she connects with passed loved ones, guides, angels, and pets. She offers  straight forward  readings in future, love, money, and life. Bring your questions to receive direct answers from your guides.  Credit cards and cash accepted.






Susan Morgan
Psychic, Medium, and Dream Expert

Sunday fairs only.

Susan Morgan is a gifted Spiritual Medium that is well known in the New England area.  She connects easily with the Unseen World, including the Departed.  She can also help with relationships, health scans, and financial outlooks. Susan has created numerous programs helping others increase their self awareness; whether through dreams, divination or connecting with aspects of their consciousness that are normally unfamiliar. She is a visionary in the truest sense. Her willingness to work with helpful Spirits has led her to create The Mystic Dream Center, The Healing Temple,  and The Mystic Dream Publishing House.


Mary Ellen
Tarot Reader, Crystal and Charm Reader

Sunday fairs only.
Mary Ellen is an intuitively gifted and empathic tarot reader with a strong corporate background in training and human resources.  She specializes in readings that are both practical and spiritual.  She is also a certified Reiki energy healer and connects with your energy field through her reading to provide information that can be used to make informed and positive choices.  Her focus with every reading is to search for that which can be healed.

Mary Ellen blends tarot readings with her crystal stone oracle and her charm oracle to provide you with a deeper connection to your spirit guides and your higher self.  Be prepared to hear the truth; her prayer before each reading is to find information that is for the highest good of her client.  An avid student of spirituality and teacher of metaphysics for many years, Mary Ellen brings a unique and creative perspective to the art of divination. Cash and Credit Cards Accepted


OUR FAIR READINGS ARE ON A FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE BASIS. However, you can call our shop the day before to get on the waitlist of your favorite reader!