Our professional readers are very experienced and use different styles to help you get the answers you need.  Whether your question is about love, money, your future, or someone from your past, we can help!  We offer readings at our Tequesta, Florida location, and also over the phone.

Our Readers:

ANGELA BOSWELL (By appointment only.) See the Angela Boswell tab above to view Angela's schedule, rates, and to book an appointment.


To learn more about Angela, her rates and schedule, click here: ANGELA BOSWELL

Angela’s psychic talents first emerged growing up on a farm and being able to talk to her animals, plants, and her “imaginary” family members and friends.  As owner of the Dream Angels shop, Angela uses her clear intuition to help customers personally, and in the creation of her Absolutely Angela products, she assists in enhancing their relationships, homes and offices. Products include candles, bath rinses, clearing sprays, oils, and herb mixtures.


In readings, Angela uses Tarot cards and a Dowsing Rod, however, most of her information is channeled straight from your Angels and Guides. She also performs very accurate readings using only photographs, so be sure to bring your photos with you, (especially for channeling loved ones who have passed away, please bring photos). You’ll find yourself eager to learn more and more about the theme and direction of your life, how to act in your highest benefit, and the results of choices you make.  Her detailed readings are uncanny and pierce straight to the truth of your life.


Angela is our most popular reader, so please call the shop for an appointment, her days are usually fully booked in advance: 561-745-9355. Her rates are 30 minutes = $75; 1 hour = $150. Click Here for more information to book a reading with Angela.

CAROLYN  (Carolyn meets her customers at the shop on Tuesdays  11:00am - 6pm.)

Tarot Reader, Angel Card Reader and Medium

Carolyn Marquis is a 5th generation intuitive who's gift was discovered at a very early age. Carolyn is an Angel Healer Practitioner, Medium, and has been ordained by The Sanctuary of the Beloved (teachings of Melchizedek). Carolyn possesses a medical background and is an accomplished watercolor artist and instructor. A Florida resident now, who grew up in the Northeast and Sedona Arizona, Carolyn has worked with many modalities. She has been "paying it forward" by embracing (and painting) Spirit, in Love and Light. Through her gift, using Tarot cards, Angel Cards, and Runes, "Your Most Important Questions will be Answered!"


STAR  (Star is at Dream Angels on the 3rd and 4th  Fridays, 1pm - 6pm)

Countess Starella is the flamboyant clairvoyant. a magical mystical  Queen of the elementals, her bold presentation and regalia will capture you with laughter and fantasy. Here are profound messages wrapped up in mirth from one of the psychic world's most colorful characters. This is a benevolent soul walking the path of a master.  She is  versed in psychology, philosophy, metaphysics, science, religion, theatre, music, costuming, and much more. Through extensive study and world travels, Starella has created a system to bring forth the most favorable atmosphere in which you may achieve and manifest your dreams. Her simple easy to implement techniques have enriched the lives of over 175,000 clients worldwide. By practicing her own methods she has managed to live an exemplary life with no doctors, enough energy to work 20 hours a day 7 days a week for 22 years, and a joyful positive demeanor unequalled. Once you have connected to such a mystic you are able to claim your greatest power, self-love and true destiny. Starella brings a rare and precious love and counsel to this planet.

JANINE PATTERSON - (Janine is at Dream Angels on Thursdays, 1pm - 6pm)

Psychic, Medium, and Pet Reader

Janine Patterson is a natural born psychic-medium.  A Pennsylvania native, a Florida resident since 1998.  She offers insightful, accurate and professional world wide readings since 2000, and runs an online group of 2500 intuitive people. With use of tarot cards, photos, objects. and great third eye, she connects with passed loved ones, guides, angels, and pets. She offers  straight forward  readings in future, love, money, and life. Bring your questions to receive direct answers from your guides.


KAREN ELIZABETH    (Karen is at Dream Angels on Saturdays,  11am - 5pm.)

Medium and Psychic

A natural intuitive, Karen directly channels information from Loved Ones and Guides. She has a very compassionate reading style, helping you to understand why you are experiencing your current life events. She assists you in seeing the big picture relationships, career and how to move forward in life.   She can also answer specific questions to help you  make decisions that are best for you.

Karen has honed her natural abilities under the tutelage of The United Metaphysical Church, where she is an active member.


IDA - ( Ida is at Dream Angels on Wednesdays and is substituting other days in May and June)

Intuitive Empath and Oracle Card Reader

Ida’s readings are detailed and pinpointed, covering
all aspects of life, especially the areas where guidance is needed most.  She gives accurate and heartfelt card readings by connecting clients with their Spirit Guides and Angels.  Praying to God, calling on Ascended Masters and Archangels, and intuition, is her recipe for success. She answers questions related to love, health, career, and more.  She is a professional Oracle card reader certified by Sandra Anne Taylor and Charles Virtue. She sees a partnership with clients, working with Guidance to help you move forward fearlessly,  choosing love over fear every time.

 Psychic Readings are for entertainment purposes only. Clients retain the right to use psychic guidance according to their own free will and discernment. Final decisions and actions are the sole responsibility of the client. Dream Angels shall not be held liable for any stress or loss of income caused by any persons or event incurred in the process of providing a psychic service. By purchasing a reading, you understand that psychic guidance is not for diagnosing health issues, such as illness or pregnancy. Psychic guidance does not constitute legal, financial, or professional advice. We do not guarantee any outcomes of our psychic guidance. Dream Angels is not liable for any direct, indirect, or incidental, consequential, or punitive damages arising from using the psychic guidance.