Are you interested in a deep understanding your life path?
Do you want to find meaning in your life history and future direction?
Are you looking to find peace in your heart and in your relationships?
Do you need tools to help you develop your spiritual gifts?
If you feel these questions calling to be answered, now is the time to enroll in Angela's Personal Mentoring Program.   It is a ten week program.


 Level I Mentoring - April 2015


Ten Week Agenda:


Week 1)  Analyzing where you are.

  • One Hour Private Channeled Session with Angela to focus on your personal goals of the program, and to discuss your astrological and numerological charts. You will be asked questions prior to the session so your Astrological, Numerological, and Enneagram charts can be calculated.

  • Introduction to Your Astrological Natal Chart (your chart will be provided)

  • Using Numerology to Determine Your Cycle Year and What to Expect (your chart will be provided)

  • Enneagram Spiritual Analysis to Determine Your Spiritual Path (your chart will be provided)


Week 2) Creating a sanctuary - portable and permanent

  •  **Field trip to the Labyrinth**

  • Select Your Personal Crystals (5 tumbled crystals included in program)

  •  Choose Your Personal Oils (1 bottle of oil included in program)

  •  Create Your Personal Altar

  •  Learn to Protect and Cleanse Your Home

  •  Clearing rituals - sage, salt, holy water


Week 3) Releasing the Ego  

  •  Identifying Your Personal Identify and Redefining Who You Are Becoming

  •  Understanding How You Have Viewed Yourself and What That Means

  •  Creating Awareness and Behavior Shift

  •  Seeing the Ego in the Behavior of Others

  •  Detachment and Letting Go of the Control Illusion


Week 4) Personal Mentoring Session with Angela.


Week 5) Chakras.

  • Understanding your chakras

  • Identifying your chakra blocks to Heal

  • Clearing and Energizing your chakras

  • Chakra Meditation


Week 6) Field Trip to Morikami Gardens.

Week 7)  Astrology and your personal Chart.

  • Review of Your Natal Chart

  • Identifying the houses of your chart.

  • Relating your planets and houses to your growth

  • Understanding where you challenges and life purpose may be.


Week 8) Personal Mentoring Session with Angela.


Week 9) Ascension / Evolution Cycles.

  • Your Physical, Emotional, and Mental Symptoms

  • How to Manage Your Changes

  • How Others will React to You

  • Dark Night of the Soul / Grand ReBalancing

  • Higher Selves Walk-ins - Knowing Which Level You Are


Week 10) Private Mentoring Session with Angela.

Half hour review session of the mentoring program and your next steps.



Personal Mentoring Program

Ten week session with Five 2-hour Classes, 2 Field Trips, and 3 Private Sessions with Angela.

Maximum 6 people in program.

$599 per person. Can be made in two payments if needed. $25 discount for cash payments. No refunds.


ONLINE SESSIONS are being planned now and will be announced soon.


To guarantee your spot, contact Angela at 561-745-9355 or email: (with the subject of personal mentoring).


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