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Angela’s psychic talents first emerged growing up on a farm and being able to talk to her animals, plants, and her “imaginary” family members and friends.  As owner of the Dream Angels shop, Angela uses her clear intuition to help customers personally, and in the creation of her Absolutely Angela products, she assists in enhancing their relationships, homes and offices. Products include candles, bath rinses, clearing sprays, oils, and herb mixtures.


In readings, Angela uses Tarot cards and a Dowsing Rod, however, most of her information is channeled straight from your Angels and Guides. She also performs very accurate readings using only photographs, so be sure to bring your photos with you, (especially for channeling loved ones who have passed away, please bring photos). You’ll find yourself eager to learn more and more about the theme and direction of your life, how to act in your highest benefit, and the results of choices you make.  Her detailed readings are uncanny and pierce straight to the truth of your life.


I just spent an hour with Angela and it changed my life.  I know that sounds unbelievable but it's true.  I had a "reading" only once in my life back in college (I'm now 56 years old).  Although I thought it was interesting and fun it never amounted to any real difference in my life.  A friend encouraged me to go see Angela based on her experiences with reading from her and that I was going through a very traumatizing time my life.   I had been reading books on spirituality for years now and I knew I needed to see her.  From the moment we sat down I just listened as Angela spoke with my guides and shared all that they needed to tell me.  Everything she said including all the timelines were incredibly accurate about my past.  Then she went to my future and gave my strength and hope to make it through this difficult time.  I have never in my life shared such an instant connection with someone like Angela.  Words can't even begin to describe the transformation that took place in my soul with the guidance and insight she gave me.  What was truly amazing to me is that I only answered one question.  The hour that I spent with her was all her sharing with me where I was in life and where I needed to go.  My life changed when I walked out of her store.  I was no longer depressed and feeling like my life was a mess.  I have felt great joy knowing why I made the choices I did in the past and where I am going in the future.  I will never forget this magical time I spent soaking in all the energy of a person who truly has a gift.  I can never thank you enough Angela for changing the course of my life and giving me the courage to "make it to the other side". With gratitude, June Cavette


Thank you Angela for the amazing reading this week!! On Monday, you told me in a reading about the "wrong" opportunity that would come up soon to tempt me off my path. It happened on Thursday. I steered clear. Thank you for the heads-up and the guidance. You're the best! - Jessica Nealon


I want everyone to know that Angela is an amazing person. Her readings are spot-on and she is an incredibly insightful, caring person, who not only gives inspired insight, but also gives suggestions to help you along I first met her in October, while I was on my honeymoon and I just felt such a positive feeling in her store. She was incredibly insightful and I ended up having a reading from her then. She touched on things she couldn't have possibly known and her gifts are very evident!! I subscribe to her emails and recently have been going through some rough times. I decided to email her and not only did she remember me, she also let me know that she was starting to do readings through email! So, I had her do one for me and I can't express how much it has helped me! Along with her gifts of vision, she has incredible insight and also gave ideas to help me not only make it through, but to make my life the best it can be. I also want to say that she is an incredibly caring individual and even though I am in Wisconsin, she will continue to be the one I go to when I need insight and inspiration!! Thank you so much, Angela. I am so glad i met you. I know it was no coincidence that my hubby and I found our way into your store that night! You are awesome!! :)      -- Tanya Germinaro



I recently had a reading from Angela, she was just Wonderful. I feel very excited about the up and coming events in my Life. You were so on about many things. Thank you. Looking forward to the next time. -- Patrice Kelly

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