Our professional readers are very experienced and use different styles to help you get the answers you need.  Whether your question is about love, money, your future, or someone from your past, we can help!  We offer readings at our Tequesta, Florida location, and also over the phone.

Our Readers:

ANGELA BOSWELL (By appointment only.) See the Angela Boswell tab above to view Angela's schedule, rates, and to book an appointment.


Angela Boswell is a published Author, International Spiritual Advisor, Channeler, Keynote Speaker, and Instructor.  As owner of the Dream Angels shop, Angela uses her clear intuition to help customers personally, and in the creation of her Absolutely Angela products, she assists in enhancing their relationships, homes and offices. Her products include candles, bath rinses, clearing sprays, perfume oils, herb mixtures, and many other items she creates dail y.


Her psychic talents first emerged growing up on a farm and being able to talk to her animals, plants, and her “imaginary” family members and friends.  Angela gives very accurate readings as she speaks directly to your Angels and Guides. She also performs phone readings using only photographs, especially for channeling loved ones who have passed away. In a reading with Angela, you’ll find yourself eager to learn more and more about the theme and direction of your life, how to act in your highest benefit, and the results of choices you make.  Her detailed readings are uncanny and pierce straight to the truth of your life. 

Angela holds a degree from the University of Alabama, as well as a Metaphysical Life Coach certification through the United Coaching Federation, and is a Reiki Master.  To learn more about her  visit:


Angela is our most popular reader, her days are usually fully booked in advance. To book a reading, please visit, Her rates are 30 minutes = $75; 1 hour = $150. Click Here for more information to book a reading with Angela.

ANGIE  (Angie is available for readings on Saturdays,

12pm - 4pm, call the shop to schedule: 561-745-9355.)


Psychic, Medium, Paranormal Investigator


Angie is a natural psychic medium, intuitive, and empath.  Although she spent years ignoring her gifts, after her 2nd near-death experience, something changed and her gifts to no longer be ignored.


She worked with other empaths, mediums, readers, and paranormal investigators - through that process she developed a greater sense of self and her gifts.


Her Readings are often a mixture of all gifts, as well as tarot and crystals; her goal is to help her clients gain a better understanding of universal healing, karmic contracts, and spirit guides. She works with her clients to set intentions, and helps guide them to self-discovery and emotional protection. 

Rev. Marilyn  (Rev. Marilyn is available for readings on Wednesdays and Fridays, 12am - 6pm, call the shop to schedule: 561-745-9355.)


Spiritual Advisor / Tarot Reader / Healer


Born with a strong empathic connection to others and Spirit, Reverend Marilyn has assisted clients for over 35 years, in gaining clarity, insight, healing, growth, and happiness in alignment with their purpose.


She brings intuitive guidance and self-healing to her clients, helping them discover insights and truths most timely for their goals and growth. Marilyn assists clients in understanding the power of the words they speak in the context of their daily lives, along with those that are unspoken yet held in thought. Clients experience better understanding and self-awareness to experience intentional change, growth, and healing.


Marilyn was part of the first Dream Angels team 2001, and also conducted sessions at Changing Times for 10 years. She is an ADL Minister, Reiki Master, Healing Touch practitioner, and Nurse.

JESSIE  (Jessie is available for readings on Thursdays, 12pm - 6pm, call the shop to schedule: 561-745-9355.)


Spiritual Advisor / Intuitive Tarot Reader

Jessie is fluent in English and Spanish


Jessie is originally from Medellin Colombia, with a degree in Business, and extensive experience in the business industry. Due to this career choice, she never thought that spirituality and consciousness would peak her interest and become her biggest passion. After an episode in her life, to which she refers to the dark night of the soul, she tried conventional methods which didn’t help her much, and turned to a seemingly unconventional path of healing: Kundalini meditation. The practice of Kundalini lured Jessie to have profound out of body experiences, where multidimensional worlds and beings greeted her with powerful knowledge and experiences.


She continues this path of healing trauma, understanding the I AM, removing fear of death, expanding intuition, and manifestation. Jessie works with and learns directly from Archangel Gabriel, Archangel Metatron, and Archangel Michael, among other beings. She puts what she learns to practice and realizes that what she learns has the power to transform all areas of people life’s, granting people the ability to manifest anything they want to experience in their life. Now, she feels compelled to share this knowledge with anyone that wants to experience the freedom, beauty, and power that comes with it. 


In readings, Jessie is compassionate, understanding, and has the unique ability to blend spiritualitywith "real life" experiences to deliver clear messages. She uses tarot cards, but most of  her information is channeled from beings and guides of  love and light.

Elena (Elena is available for readings on Sundays, 11am - 4pm) Call the shop to schedule: 561-745-9355.)


Spiritual Advisor / Intuitive Tarot Reader


Elena is an intuitive tarot reader who works with Animal Guides and Angelic Energies to unlock hidden knowledge and help others
understand how to guide themselves on their own spiritual journey.
She believes in the concept of invisible progress, and that first step in walking any path is establishing awareness, intention, and affirmative rapport with the self. The means to clarity, confidence, and peace arealready spoken truths within us, but sometimes a little nudge is needed to decipher what the soul is trying to say.

Her knowledge of the martial arts offers a unique perspective on the
integration of Light and Dark Energies to foster acceptance of both
the self and others.


Elena is able to answer to give direct answers about your life, your
relationships, your work, and your future.

MECHELLE (Mechelle is available for energy work on Tuesdays, by appointment, as well as other days. Call the shop to schedule: 561-745-9355.)


Energy Work, Reiki Master


Mechelle is an Empathic Energy Healer who is tuned into the Ancient Art of Reiki. She works with both Higher Guidance and the Elemental realms, drawing on the energies of the Earth, Spirit Animals, Guides, and each person’s own Sacred Energy for healing, balance, and clarity.  Her sessions include clearing and realigning energy, Chakra balancing, energic empowerment, and stress reduction. Mechelle also offers distance energy work as well as clearing on children, homes, offices, and other environments.


Using her extensive knowledge of oils, herbs, crystals, Earth cycles, and other tools, Mechelle also offers her clients clarity about steps to take and tools to use to improve their lives in practical ways.

LISA  (Lisa is available for readings on Sundays, phone only, call the shop to schedule: 561-745-9355.)


Psychic, Medium, Reiki Master, &

Theta and Angel Healing Practitioner 


Psychic, Medium, Akashic Records Consultant, Reiki Master & Theta Healer Practitioner, Published Author, In My Mind’s Eye, Creator of S.O.U.L. Journey (Secret Of Understanding Life) Classes & Playshops, Ordained Minister, Spiritual Teacher and Coach.


Lisa calls on the Ascended Masters, Angels & deceased loved ones to guide her regarding valuable information & confirmation for those in need of healing through loving messages, with guidance and clarity.

STAR   (Star is available for phone readings on the 4th Friday of each month, 1pm - 6pm, call the shop to schedule: 561-745-9355.)


Tarot, Channeler, Healer


Countess Starella is the flamboyant clairvoyant - a magical mystical Queen of the elementals, her bold presentation and regalia will capture you with laughter and fantasy. Hear profound messages wrapped up in mirth from one of the psychic world's most colorful characters.


This is a benevolent soul walking the path of a master. Through extensive study and world travels, Starella has created a system to bring forth the most favorable atmosphere in which you may achieve and manifest your dreams. Her simple, easy to implement techniques have enriched the lives of over 175,000 clients worldwide.


By practicing her own methods she has managed to live an exemplary life with no doctors, enough energy to work 20 hours a day 7 days a week for 22 years, and a joyful positive demeanor unequalled. Learn how to claim your greatest power, self-love and true destiny. 



MANDEE  (Mandee is available for phone readings only -  Wednesdays 1pm - 5pm. Call the shop to schedule. 561-745-9355.)


Spiritual Advisor, Intuitive, Healer


Mandee Elam is a Magdalene and Modern Day Priestess. Magdalene’s are Ancient High Priestesses from the Essene, Isis, and Avalonian lineages.


Mandee has talked to Angels, Spirit Guides, had premonitions, and saw the divine light within each soul her whole life. She work’s very closely with the Angel Realm and believes God is an all encompassing love energy that can be accessed through each of us. She is a spiritually gifted being who feels the wounds within a soul and helps to mend it through energy medicine and inspired action.


 As a Spiritual Advisor and Empowerment Coach, Mandee has helped countless clients overcome fear, anxiety, guilt, shame, sadness, and grief. She has helps them to find peace, self love, purpose, and joy. Mandee works with women and men who are survivors of physical, emotional, and sexual trauma. She is also know as a “healer's healer” and helps high vibrational beings, find the trauma and conditioning that is preventing them from ascending on their soul's path at this time. She helps souls to perform their shadow work and ascended to the next dimension.


Psychic Readings are for entertainment purposes only. Clients retain the right to use psychic guidance according to their own free will and discernment. Final decisions and actions are the sole responsibility of the client. Dream Angels shall not be held liable for any stress or loss of income caused by any persons or event incurred in the process of providing a psychic service. By purchasing a reading, you understand that psychic guidance is not for diagnosing health issues, such as illness or pregnancy. Psychic guidance does not constitute legal, financial, or professional advice. We do not guarantee any outcomes of our psychic guidance. Dream Angels is not liable for any direct, indirect, or incidental, consequential, or punitive damages arising from using the psychic guidance.

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